Social Media Content Creation and Management

Social media is a great way to interact with your audience and grow your following, but it takes a lot of time to do it well. Check it off your list by using our social media management service to manage your brand’s account. Our social media professionals will create the content and post it all for you.

What you can expect from us

  • We’ll manage one social media business account for you. You can choose from any of the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Google My Business.
  • We’ll publish five custom-created posts per week (totaling 20 posts per month).
  • We’ll complete one round of revisions per post.
  • We’ll make suggestions for you to optimize your profile.
  • We’ll set up an initial strategy consultation call with you and provide ongoing chat support.
  • We’ll submit regular reports on your project’s status.

What we need from you

  • You’ll need to fill out a project questionnaire to help us get started. We can’t start working without it.
  • You’ll need to give us access to your selected social media account.

Service details




  • Cancel anytime

  • Fulfilled by trusted digital experts

  • No long-term contracts

  • Hassle-free digital marketing

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Frequently asked questions

What does my social media pro do on a regular basis?
Your pro sources and creates custom content for your brand, publishes regular posts each week, routinely reviews post performance, and monitors social content strategy for improvements.
What type of content/posts will you be posting on my account?
The content may contain a strategic balance of the following types: news, educational, promotional, inspirational, and questions that inspire interaction and qualitative feedback. However, this can vary depending on your brand’s needs. If you have specific requirements, please tell your pro when filling out your project questionnaire.
Will you create custom graphics for me?
If you’ve already created custom social templates for your brand (using a tool like Canva or Photoshop), we can likely use and adapt them. Similarly, if you have your own images, we can use those as well. Otherwise, we will put together five branded templates using the brand guidelines you provide and source stock imagery.
Do you have experience with social media in my industry?
Certain industries have unique needs we can typically accommodate. For example, we’ve posted specific listings for real estate professionals, promotions for ecommerce sites, and specialized content in numerous other industries. If you have particular requirements, please tell your pro.
Can I provide a custom social calendar?
Yes, you can certainly dictate the calendar. Please let your pro know if that’s something you want to do.
Can I review the content before it’s posted?
Absolutely. We’ll automatically set up a process for you to review and approve all content before it’s posted.
Can I request revisions to the content when I review it?
Yes, while we aim to get it right the first time, we do offer one round of revisions for each piece of content. Any revisions need to be requested within one week after the content is sent to you.
Do you provide performance reports?
Yes, we’ll provide a monthly engagement and analytics report so you know how your posts are performing. The specific metrics included with those reports will vary by platform, but they may include likes, comments, shares, click-through-rate, etc. If you want further details on your post performance beyond the regular reports given by your pro, you can view the analytics directly from your social account at any time.
What if I already have a scheduling tool for social media content? Can my pro use that?
It depends. If you’re able to provide the correct level of access within your own tool, the pro may be able to work with that. Otherwise, the pro has a scheduling tool of their own they’ll use for posting.
What if I don’t have the social media account set up yet?
You’ll need to set up the account first before starting this service.
How often will I hear from my pro?
Your pro will submit regular project status updates to keep you informed on where things are at with your project. If you have a question for your pro outside of those regular updates, you can send them a message through your dashboard. They’ll respond within 1-2 business days.
How do I get started?
Getting started is simple. After your purchase, you’ll fill out the project questionnaire to give your pro the info they need to get started. Once the questionnaire is submitted, your pro will send you a message within 1-2 business days through your dashboard to let you know they’re getting started or to ask you further clarifying questions if needed.